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Church by MinistryOne APP

DOWNLOAD the Church by MinistryOne APP for your smartphone or tablet, a great way to access resources from EBIC!

Additionally, if you're a regular attender at EBIC and are part of our DIRECTORY, you may access the online directory for connection with other EBIC attendees and groups of which you are a part. Once downloaded, SIGN IN to the database to access the directory:

  • If the APP doesn't remind you to login when you load it, at the TOP RIGHT of the app, choose the "person" logo to login to the database and choose one of the multiple ways to login.
  • HINT: EASIEST method, if you have a valid MOBILE NUMBER or EMAIL ADDRESS already in our database:
    ► Enter BOTH your EMAIL ADDRESS & MOBILE NUMBER and choose NEXT
    ► Select to have a code sent by either TEXT or EMAIL
    ► Enter code and you should be logged in

Visit the EBIC Library!

Our library has an ever increasing collection of books, CDs and DVDs...3,190 items are now on available for loan. Stop by and browse our wonderful selection. It includes a large assortment of books including a children's section, a young adult section, novels, books to promote personal and communal growth, devotionals, magazines, and much more. A library volunteer is available to help you Sunday mornings. If you visit the library during other hours, there is a sign out sheet to record your book and movie withdrawals. Questions? Email our librarian at  

Want to check if the library has a book or media or see if an item is currently checked out? Try the online catalog search here:


Visual Identity

In recent months, we have restated our EBIC mission: We want to see every generation growing together as Christ’s hands & feet in our world. To accompany this new statement, we have developed a new visual identity…in other words, a new logo and color palette to use in our various media.

While we know a logo can’t capture a full expression of who we are as the body of Christ, it can still be a useful tool for communicating something about who we are and what matters to us. When you look at our new EBIC logo, we hope that:

  • the e reminds you of the value we place on being part of our community of E-town
  • the different colors of the leaves make you think of beauty in diversity…what we want to experience by ministering to “every generation” rather than just a single target demographic
  • the greens bring to mind our goal of “growing” as disciples of Jesus
  • the three leaves symbolize “growing together”—in relationship with one another and in communion with our three-in-one God—Father, Son, and Spirit
  • the upward curve of the leaves evokes worship of God, and the outward turn exhibits being “Christ’s hands & feet” in reaching out to and serving others
  • the blue calls to mind the care we have for “our world”—our mission spans the whole globe
  • the bic prompts thoughts of our deeply appreciated partnership with the Brethren in Christ, our denominational family


List of organizations that EBIC Elizabethtown BIC Church have approved to support. | Not exhaustive; new organizations need to be approved by Church Board.


All ministries under the auspices of the BIC US are approved for fundraising. These include but are not limited to the following:

BIC U.S. World Missions |

Kenbrook Bible Camp |

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) |

Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) |

Messiah Lifeways |

Navajo Brethren in Christ Mission |

Paxton Ministries |

Roxbury Holiness Camp |

SPICE (Scholarship Program for International Children's Education) |


Other Ministries

These organizations are not connected with the Brethren in Christ Church, but are deemed by our local congregation as organizations worthy of support.

 advoz |

 Align Life Ministries |

 Barnabas Initiatives |

 Blessings of Hope |

 CPYU (Center for Parent/Youth Understanding) |

 CMDA (Christian Medical & Dental Associations) |

  • Tom Grosh is the Northeast Regional Director

 Churches That Care |

CAP (Community Action Partnership) |

CCO | Coalition for Christian Outreach |

  • John Myers is the E-town College CCO director

Cornerstone Community Ministries |

Crossworld |

DCP Ministry | Dauphin County Prison Ministry

Day Seven Ministries |

ECHOS | Elizabethtown Community Housing & Outreach Services |

Friendship Community |

FGA Bible College |

HOPE International |

Hope Within |

imb (International Missions Board) |

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship |

Jewel David Ministries |

Joni & Friends |

LightShine Ministries |

Love, INC (Love IN the NAME of CHRIST) |

Madhipura Christian Hospital |

Naaman Center |

Open Bible Churches |

Priority 1 Ministries |

Samaritan's Purse |

Tabor Community Services |

The Tide |

TCZ (Theological College of Zimbabwe) |

TCF Global |

UCEA (United Churches of the Elizabethtown Area)

  • Programs include:
    • Meals on Wheels
    • Community Cupboard (food bank)
    • Clothing bank
    • Community Place on Washington (CPOW) |

 Unto |

 Water Street Mission |

 ZACU (Zambian Christian University) |


Supporting and embracing families and individuals affected by disability so they can grow in Christ and use their gifts to share God’s love.

 Everyone has their own individual needs and each person with a disability should be supported to enable them to engage with church life. We strive to embrace families and individuals affected by disability and allow them to grow closer to God and to their church family. Valuing the gifts and talents of all, we provide support so that individuals affected by disability can serve alongside their brothers and sisters in Christ. If you have a need, please let us know how we can serve you. 

Do you have a desire to learn and build relationships? You may participate in the disability ministry in these ways: 


Buddies are paired with children or adults with disabilities to provide social, behavioral, and physical support to attend and participate in church activities, either in an integrated setting or in a separate setting, if needed.


Our team supports families and individuals affected by disabilities when they encounter sudden changes in plans or emergency situations. Needs may include childcare, transportation, or care for an individual with a disability.