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Melita Ramsey

family ministries co-pastor

Melita joined the EBIC staff in November 2018. She loves using her creativity in her role as Family Ministries Co-pastor to help people understand God and his word in new ways. Outside of ministry, her passions include reading, thrifting and spending time with (read, “spoiling”) her dogs, Magnus and Mosley. Like a classic Brethren in Christ individual would do, Melita met (2015) and married (2017) her husband Matthew Ramsey at Kenbrook Bible Camp, our BIC summer camp.


email the CHURCH OFFICE  or call 717.367.2651

Church Board

Wayne Heiseychair
Eric Mann, treasurer
Jeffrey Erikson, secretary
Ron Grenko
Pamela Grosh
Liz Heisey
Joachim Huerter
Eric Risser
Marci Rittenhouse
Linda Haines, recording secretary


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