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What's going on for adults...

Adult Ministries at EBIC encompasses a wide variety of activities and ministry activities. We endeavor to develop adult ministries that encourage spiritual development, offer a broad range of worship opportunities, enhance personal discipleship, foster fellowship, and spur service & outreach.


WEDNESDAYS, MAR 17–JUN 2 | 6:15-7:15 pm | sanctuary & via Zoom

(no meeting MAR 31)

Be refreshed in song, in teaching from the book Liturgy of the Ordinary, and in small group prayer. Each week, adults and youth are welcome for an informal gathering with a different teacher covering a chapter in the book as well as different prayer and worship leaders. Copies of the book are available for a $10 donation, but are by no means required. Simply come and be refreshed with us in the Lord!

No registration necessary to come! Please complete this form to request a book or the Zoom link:

BOOK or ZOOM link request

View our EVENT GUIDELINES for COVID Safety for how we plan to meet together safely.


SUNDAY MORNINGS | APR 18–JUN 27 | 9:45-10:15 AM

no electives on Sunday, May 30 (Memorial Day weekend)


meeting in the GYM

Do you feel like much of the time your life is on autopilot as you rush from one task to the next? Do you feel out of touch with God’s kingdom in your everyday life? Using the book Spotting the Sacred by Bruce Main as a springboard for learning and reflection, we’ll explore the act of noticing as modeled by Jesus during his time on earth.

"I think the topic is even more relevant now than it was last spring, and it ties in well with the Midweek Refresh topic too. It is fun to be growing deeper in a church discipleship setting again."  | Kim F.


meeting in the SANCTUARY | also via Zoom

email John Myers for ZOOM link

VICTORIOUS class resources

How can I live in the power of the Holy Spirit? What does it even mean to live a victorious life in Christ? How do I overcome things like temptation and depression? Meeting a need in our times, this is a biblical study/application on how to live the victorious life in Christ. 


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