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What's going on for adults...

Adult Ministries at EBIC encompasses a wide variety of activities and ministry activities. We endeavor to develop adult ministries that encourage spiritual development, offer a broad range of worship opportunities, enhance personal discipleship, foster fellowship, and spur service & outreach.

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SUNDAY MORNINGS | APR 18–JUN 27 | 9:45-10:15 AM

no electives on Sunday, May 30 (Memorial Day weekend)


meeting in the GYM

Do you feel like much of the time your life is on autopilot as you rush from one task to the next? Do you feel out of touch with God’s kingdom in your everyday life? Using the book Spotting the Sacred by Bruce Main as a springboard for learning and reflection, we’ll explore the act of noticing as modeled by Jesus during his time on earth.

"I think the topic is even more relevant now than it was last spring, and it ties in well with the Midweek Refresh topic too. It is fun to be growing deeper in a church discipleship setting again."  | Kim F.


ENDED Sunday, May 23, due to a change in Carl's schedule

RESOURCES from entire class available here:

VICTORIOUS class resources

How can I live in the power of the Holy Spirit? What does it even mean to live a victorious life in Christ? How do I overcome things like temptation and depression? Meeting a need in our times, this is a biblical study/application on how to live the victorious life in Christ. 


EBIC Young Adults

Our post-high school adults gather for special events throughout the year, including weekend retreats, weeknight dinners, game nights, and more. Together, we strive to live out our four values:

  • SEEKING GOD | We commit to spending time with God individually and when we gather as a group.
  • DIGGING DEEP | We commit to studying the Bible, both together and apart, knowing that it is the ultimate source of truth.
  • BEING HONEST | We believe that meaningful relationships can only be built on a foundation of love, respect, and vulnerability and commit to being honest with one another to maintain healthy and growing relationships within our group.
  • STRENGTHENING COMMUNITY | We support each other throughout the ups and downs of daily life by being actively involved in each other’s lives outside of our scheduled events. Personal effort and energy are required to keep our group strong.

Although we value these times together as peers, we encourage young adults to participate in the many groups and service opportunities offered by the broader church.

We stay in touch through a GroupMe messaging group. Join the conversation!

Young Adults GroupMe



Supporting and embracing families and individuals affected by disability so they can grow in Christ and use their gifts to share God’s love.

 Everyone has their own individual needs and each person with a disability should be supported to enable them to engage with church life. We strive to embrace families and individuals affected by disability and allow them to grow closer to God and to their church family. Valuing the gifts and talents of all, we provide support so that individuals affected by disability can serve alongside their brothers and sisters in Christ. If you have a need, please let us know how we can serve you. 

Do you have a desire to learn and build relationships? You may participate in the disability ministry in these ways: 


Buddies are paired with children or adults with disabilities to provide social, behavioral, and physical support to attend and participate in church activities, either in an integrated setting or in a separate setting, if needed.


Our team supports families and individuals affected by disabilities when they encounter sudden changes in plans or emergency situations. Needs may include childcare, transportation, or care for an individual with a disability.