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Broken Sign Posts by N.T. Wright

Time: 6:30-8:30 PM

Frequency: Weekly | 8 meetings

Start and End Date: Oct 5-Dec 14

Location: Palmyra and E-town Homes

Childcare: No

Led by: Eric and Heidi Risser, Doug and Amanda Rohrer

Description: Each week we will gather together for dinner around the table to share in each other's lives and dive into God’s word. N.T. Wright’s book and the book of John will be our guides as we discuss seven “signposts” that are inherent to humanity: justice, spirituality, relationships, beauty, freedom, truth, and power. By using the Gospel of John, we will uncover how Christianity defines each signpost and illuminates why we so often see them as being "broken" and unattainable. Join us if you are interested in how our faith can provide vision, guidance, and hope for making these whole once again, ultimately healing ourselves and our world.